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I feel so bad for doctor O, like I bet he'd be such a nice generous lover and a good boyfriend and he'd totally be a hardcore cuddler after sex and make fancy breakfast the morning after plus he's cute as hell. I bet its been the longest time since he's gotten lucky too and the poor guy just has so much love to give and nobody to give it to :Ci really hope at some point in the show he finds someone.

when you say someone you mean rusty right

they are my shameless otp ngl

no but for real though he’s just this lonely old man full of love and affection and he barely even has friends to let it all out on that poor man

man i have been thinkin about triana pegging dean a fUCKLOad lately wow


garlic8reath said:pete’s dick is speaking to us



sorry, my hand must have slipped.

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Larger scale for the win. …and dat booty. :3



remember when i said i felt like drawing gross pete art

i drew a copy of an actual Nagel and i still can’t be bothered to draw full backgrounds

give us all the gross vb dicks

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i’m grossly obsessed and not sorry

god bless this ship god bless desperate old dudes

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thank all that is holy for this blog. do you have any headcanons about dean when he finally goes to college?

*sinks very slowly off my seat and whispers* dean getting fucked by university teachers………………………

i can actually really imagine dean overhearing some girls talking about seducing the teachers to get better grades and he’s like oH MAN POPS IS REALLY PRESSURING ME TO GET GOOD GRADES I GUESS I COULD TRY THAT and then being awkward as fuck in his seduction methods lmao

dorkily leaning on the teacher’s desk after a lecture, coughing and trying some ridiculous line about doing *anything* to get a good score on the next assignment and the teacher’s just like lmao alright bc he knows what’s going down

oh bo  y dean getting fucked over the desk on top of all the papers nnhh whining and trembling and telling himself off for getting in way over his head god bless his tiny baby heart

also college dean getting hazed inTENSE WHEEZING fuc k


I honestly don’t know why anyone lets me near pencils and paper.
Also this is byron/rusty if you couldn’t notice that aura around the toy. Kap and I were having a conversation about how useful orpheus’ magic would be during sex holy shit